AIESEC UBC was at the world famous annual pyro-musical fireworks competition otherwise known as the “Celebration of Light” marking the beginning of the month of warm sunny August.

We met up at Café Crepe on Granville and thereafter stocked up on gelato and junk food, in which after we embarked on the “Love Train” to English Bay and were greeted with suspicion by a jam packed beach. It was the last and the most highly anticipated day: the day China would reinvent the concept of a fireworks show.

After a wait which seemed to last for eternity the Chinese anthem played and the moment began. Colours from every spectrum of the rainbow lit up the summer sky, some seconds seemed brighter than day! Bedazzled and near blinded by the pyro spectacle which lasted a good 15 minutes we took the Love Train back. By then the concept caught on as a mass exodus of biblical proportions made our journey home difficult. Smart navigation by Nick our conductor made us able to get home to our homes and computers to tell of the event.

Congratulations Team China for your amazing win!!!