AIESEC Canada’s National Sales Day was held in Vancouver this year. Run by both experienced AIESEC alumni and VPs, a full day of high level CR training (and dancing of course) was delivered to AIESEC members.

The day started off with members getting into teams to construct a hockey stick out of newspaper and tape. Each team created a unique hockey stick and developed a sales pitch to go along with it. This was just the beginning. The day continued with countless other opportunities for members to exercise their marketing strategies and sales skills. Mock marketing calls helped members build upon their existing CR skills and interactive discussions and presentations by AIESEC alumni gave members a chance to learn and ask questions. Simulations of objections a typical AIESECer might face during a marketing call helped AIESEC members practice how to handle difficult situations and think on the spot.

National Sales Day was a great opportunity for AIESEC Local Committees to gain more sales skills to gain more TNs. Thanks to the MC for hosting this great event and a shout out to all our great alumni and Paul, MC VP of Corporate Relations, for running NSD!