In the midst of October’s midterms and papers, the AIESEC-er’s of UBC left their headaches behind on a rainy Friday morning. After a long ferry + bus ride, we arrived in downtown Victoria to start what would be an action packed and fun filled weekend. Before we had a chance to practice our role call, the other local committees were already cheering on Manitoba — the winner of last WRC’s Spirit Keg. Open Plenary gave the newbies an energy-infused taste of what AIESEC was all about. An hour and a half of non stop cheering later, we all had hoarser voices and the AIESEC cheers forever engraved in our minds.

After seeing the creative side of each LC — UBC, SFU, Kwantlen, UVic, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Manitoba — through their role call, we had a quick dinner before splitting into the first session of the weekend. The thought provoking activity planned by the FACIs was followed by a discussion, and before we knew it, we were all donning our tightest and brightest for a night of crazy shenanigans and of course, unforgettable inter-LC bonding.

The Fun Team made sure that everyone was on time for the morning’s sessions, because no one wanted to suffer the consequences. Our day of intensive learning was mixed with an assortment of AIESEC dances — my favorite would definitely have to be Tunak Tunak. We also did a fair share of each LC’s cheers, particularly Manitoba’s. By the end of the sessions, the newbies finally had a good grasp of the exclusive AIESEC language and were definitely overwhelmed by the energetic AIESEC culture. As well, we had time to learn about all the different portfolios, as well as other amazing AIESEC opportunities through personal anecdotes of the amazing FACI team.

Saturday evening’s formal banquet saw every delegate in their finest as camera flashes went off everywhere. A number of awards were given out, and UBC was the only LC that snatched up two of them — Striving for Excellence and Demonstrating Integrity. The Spirit Keg was given out to the scandalous SFU as we polished off our plates full of amazing food. The Saturday night flew by as people danced in their Halloween costumes and wrote piles and piles of sugar cubes, while others embarked on spontaneous adventures into the lovely city of Victoria.

Our last Morning Plenary was once more filled with energy, despite the fact that the Spirit Keg was already awarded, and the delegates were worn out. The FACIs gave heartfelt thank you’s, and inevitably we had to bid each other farewell. As corny as it sounds, the memories of WRC will definitely not be forgotten, especially as we face the reality of midterms with countless cheers and songs in our heads.