The AIESEC UBC’s new members attend their first GA!


This was a great opportunity for new members to meet their more experienced counterparts as the they were sorted into one of the five houses for AIESEC UBC’s House Cup. The newbies also learned more about the AIESEC culture as we practiced our new UBC cheer and some of the AIESEC dances to get prepped for the Western Regional Conference in Victoria!

Next came a “Challenge Your Worldview” where AIESEC UBC compared students in very environments, and discussed the topic of education in a developed country versus in a developing country.

Our General Assembly also introduced AIESEC UBC to Vitor de Avelar from the MC, who quickly became an honorary member of the Ravenclaw house!

Lastly, AIESEC UBC and SFU’s annual AlumNight event was presented to everyone. Alumnight is a great opportunity to network with AIESEC alumni and to hear great AIESEC stories, so don’t forget to buy your tickets!

Here is our new AIESEC UBC cheer!

and we’re ready to blow!
We wear the purple shirts,
and we want you to know
We are A-I-E-S-E-C. We are U-B-C!
A-I-E-S-E-C. We are U-B-C!
(What’s up?)