On Nov 3, 2009, three brave UBC AIESECers stepped forward and challenged themselves by running to be the new Local Committee President (LCP) for the 2010 to 2011 term! The three candidates were Ada Lee, Claudia Wong, and Lucinda Yeung.

The election first started out with the candidates each giving a speech about their AIESEC experience and their platform. Each candidate reflected her unique style and personality through her speech. Afterwards, there was a Q&A session where they were grilled through some tough questions (with fun, random questions thrown in for good measure).

When the Q&A ended, the candidates were escorted out of the room, and the members had to vote for their new LCP.  After all the ballots were counted, we prepared for the AIESEC election tradition, where the current LCP will pour water over the newly elected LCP . The blindfolded candidates were guided to us as we shouted out AIESEC cheers.

Finally, the moment to reveal the new LCP has arrived! There was suspense all around as Terrence held up the bottle of  water…finally choosing to pour it over Claudia. So a round of congratulations go to Claudia, our new LCP for the 2010 to 2011 term! She will be embarking on an amazing journey as the LCP next year.

There were group hugs all around for all the candidates for their great effort and performance in running for LCP. It was a great election, and AIESEC UBC ended the night with a celebration dinner at White Spot.