From cupcakes to portfolio updates, and taco-spooning to Falafelhoot-ing (not to mention an epic Calabria dance-off for the House Cup Challenge), the last GA of the year was action packed! The GA began with checking-in to get points for wearing the house colors, and buying yummy baked goods including brownies, cookies and cupcakes. But the savory experience did not end there, as it quickly moved into the ice-breaker, in which everyone had to guess the ingredient name that was stuck to their back, and then find their corresponding ingredients to create a human taco.

Following this, a few of the newbies presented the “WRC bring-back”, in which they shared the events and their experiences from the Western Regional Conference in Victoria from a few weeks back. Local Committee President Terrence Tang the presented some facts and figures on AIESEC International, AIESEC Canada, and AIESEC UBC, outlining our goals and accomplishments so far. Members then broke into groups to discuss questions in relation to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the LC, and brainstormed future actions for improvement.

The VP’s had a few updates on new and exciting things going on in their portfolios, then “Members of the Month” awards were then given out to AIESECers as a recognition of their hard work and dedication to AIESEC. Special congratulations to DARYLL SY (Finance), SONYA NG (COMM), and DAVID TANG (AR) for recieving these awards.





The highlight of the evening was the House Cup Challenge, in which a series of questions regarding different members of the LC were to be answered to gain points. Although each of the five houses put in an excellent effort, it came down to the Ravenclaws and the Hufflepuffs in a dance-off to win it. Calabria was the song of choice for the competition, and despite Ravenclaw’s down and dirty dance moves, a certain infamous Hufflepuff’s hip thrusts stole the spotlight, earning them the victory.

Although this was the last GA of the year, there are still more events to watch for before the winter break, such as the “End of Semester House Cup Challenge” on Nov.21st. Contact Daryll for your tickets before Nov. 13!