Welcoming back all AIESECers from the winter break was our first GA in 2010!

The Executive Board (EB) hopes everyone had a fantastic holiday! To get everyone warmed up, the GA started with an icebreaker game. We were separated into two lines and each person had to put their hands behind their back. Then each line had to pass a piece of paper down the line as fast as possible, competing against the other line. Afterwards, we raised the difficulty up a notch, and everyone had to squat while passing the paper with their hands still remaining behind their backs!

Pretty soon everyone was energized and excited during the game, which was a good lead into dancing to some good old AIESEC songs! After all the fun, we got down to business and discussed AIESEC UBC’s third quarter, updating all the AIESEC’ers on the results we achieved and the events that were held. Some of the major accomplishments and events included hosting AIESEC week, recruiting for newbies, winning two awards at WRC (hurray!!!), and hosting AlumNight! We also continued our house cup challenge from last term with Pictionary! Categories of the words included AIESEC related terms, pop culture, and current events. AIESECers demonstrated their artistic abilities as the different houses competed for points.

At the end, we had a special presentation from Malena, our EP from Argentina, who described interesting stories and experiences from her home country. Thank you Malena!