The February GA was an exciting time for AIESEC UBC, as we welcomed our 19 Newbies with presentations, discussions, House Cup sorting, and of course…dancing!

We began by getting to know each other a little better by asking and answering questions about each other’s interests, preferences and experiences, and then introduced the concept of AIESEC dances to the Newbies with “Tunak-tunak” (featuring our VP COMM David on vocals). This was followed by the Newbies exiting the room in preparation to be sorted into their houses. And once we were done with our ‘hooting’, ‘caw caw-ing’, ‘roaring’, ‘ssss-ing’ and ‘huff puff-ing’ welcomes for each new member, we competed in our house-cup challenge. Needless to say, by this point, some of the Newbies had some confused and scared looks on their faces (the best were those of the late-comers who walked in on our hip-thrusting to ‘Calabria’). But fear not, as our visiting Shanghai Fudan University LCP, Rex, put it all into perspective, as he gave an inspiring presentation about the great impact of AIESEC (thank you Rex!). We were then pushed to challenge our world views with Larissa’s presentation on the earthquake in Haiti, followed by our discussion about various aspects of the earthquake, talking about what AIESEC could do to help.

Unfortunately, as all good things must come to an end, so did our February GA. The Newbies concluded their first GA by setting out their goals for their AIESEC experience. This February GA was an important one, as AIESEC UBC was officially introduced to our incoming Executive Board, the Organizing Committee for WRC 2010, and of course we all got to meet our fantastic new members!

Special recognition at this GA goes to Zoe Si, who organized a fantastic recruitment last month! Good job Zoe!