Having attended various welcome parties in UBC and in high school, I have to admit that I was a bit nervous as I walked towards Scarfe building. What kind of crazy things will they ask the newbies to do? I could not help thinking about all the eccentric things I have done in the past and before I figured out how to react, I was already at the door.

There were thirty or so people in the room and all were friendly and talkative. The moment Jess Van started talking to me after I sat down was when I decided that I was at the right place and made the right decision. There was nothing more welcoming than a person willing to know more about me and excited about me being there.

After all the presentations, I could only have a glimpse of the extent and scope in which AIESEC is involved around the world and I did wonder how what I am going to do here could impact the world. However, an exciting glimpse of an AIESECer’s life, like Rex’s experience in three continents, is enough to inspire me to step onto a journey into the excitingly unknown realm of friendships, leaderships and more.

The interview process was probably the most interesting part of all. I had the chance to talk about me vision of AIESEC which is to assist developing communities and the opportunity to imagine what I could do. The entire AIESEC was like a jigsaw puzzle and I just hoped that I was the missing piece it has been looking for in a long long time.

Luckily, I was right and I am now a member of the AIESEC in the Communications Portfolio. That is the first step and where I will go from here, is still a question mark. For my fellow newbies, now we have an ocean of opportunities before us, safe voyage everyone!

Hey AIESEC! Here I am and when you yell back “What’s up?”, count on it, I will have lots of stories to tell in answer to that.

– Josephine Xu