That’s right ladies and gentlemen, AIESEC UBC has once again stormed the wall.

At first things weren’t looking too good for the team due to a scheduling mishap. The team arrived at 3pm at the UBC pool only to find that we had been mis-scheduled and placed in the 1:05 pm heat. According to UBC Rec there was no way to fix the problem but after some frantic phone calls, texts and emails we had the proof that it was infact UBC Rec that had made the mistake. With the proof in our hands they had no choice but to let us in.

Delayed but still excited, AIESEC UBC reassembled their team and began their race at 4pm with Nikky Tan in the pool, Tony Lam on the bike, Briana Long running the distance, Albert Choung doing the up hill sprint and Sewen Chan taking it home by scaling the wall.

Sadly AIESEC UBC didn’t win their heat but in our hearts they were all winners. And there was a silver lining; the team beat last years time by two minutes with a finishing time that any team would be proud of, twenty-two minutes! And of course, no AIESEC event would be complete without an AIESEC cheer. So to finish off the race, the team ended with an epic rendition of “We’re AIESEC UBC and we’re ready to blow!

Great job team!