Go Global with AIESEC by Pamela Yuen

Admit it – you were slightly jealous when all your friends who applied for a study abroad exchange with GoGlobal suddenly updated their Facebook statuses: “Will be in Melbourne, Australia this time next year!” or “Singapore next September!” Don’t you fret just yet!

AIESEC, (pronounced “eye-sek”, originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales), the world’s largest student-run organization, is seeking participants for its Global Internship Program. Students will have the opportunity to work for 2-18 months in the 107 member countries.

AIESEC offers four different internship programs:management traineeship (MT), developmental traineeship (DT), technical traineeship (TT) and education traineeship (ET). MTs are available in the following areas: marketing, accounting, finance, and business administration. DTs focus on social and environmental issues such as HIV/Aids. TTs are for those interested in information technology and engineering issues. ETs are centred around teaching English and coaching issues. There is an exchange opportunity suitable for everyone.

Fellow Sauderite, Joanna Li, a third year Commerce student, participated in a developmental traineeship at Catania, Italy from May 13 – June 20, 2009. She helped organize a conference called “Business without Frontiers,” for university students, professors and professionals. Her tasks included interviewing the political science faculty, making a video presentation, and marketing the conference. When asked why she chose AIESEC, Li said that GoGlobal did not fit her schedule and that “it is good for students who want to go [on exchange] during the summer.” Described as “challenging and eye-opening,” Li’s experience was most rewarding because she was able to work with people from difference backgrounds and countries.

Another participant, recent UBC dietetic graduate, Amy Van Ooyen, decided to go on an AIESEC exchange before settling into a job and beginning her career path. Van Ooyen embarked on a developmental internship in Hanoi, Vietnam where she worked on HIV/ AIDS awareness with Project Ask. Her responsibilities included organizing and facilitating educational workshops at an international high school and local universities. Aside from staying in Vietnam, Van Ooyen also backpacked around Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, getting a true sense of Southeast Asian culture. Van Ooyen attested to the “eye-opening and rewarding experience” that is the AIESEC Global Internship Program.

Searching for a challenge? Looking to work abroad? Wanting to immerse yourself in another culture? Find out how AIESEC can help realize your potential through its many opportunities around the world. To learn more about AIESEC and to read exchange testimonials, visit http://www.aiesec.ca/ubc