Summer is gone, and it is time for AIESEC UBC to once again welcome new members to the Local Committee!

Recruitment began during Imagine Day, as eager first and second years explored the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia. AIESEC UBC set up its booth along Main Mall, and at once began engaging and conversing with all the UBC students within their vicinity. Flyers were handed out, lollipops eagerly distributed, and promises of upcoming emails, information sessions and exciting opportunities were exchanged throughout the day. AIESEC UBC’s Vice President of Talent Management, Jeff Hon, was extremely proud to see countless sign-up sheets filled to the brim, while Vice President of Communications, Daryll Sy, was internally groaning as she imagined how long it would take to type it all up.

However, AIESEC UBC’s task was not yet over. Setting up even more booths during the Alma Mater Society’s Clubs Days (and other similar events) and conducting countless information sessions, AIESEC UBC worked hard to find the members who would contribute to its impact in the years ahead.

All the hard work paid off however, as AIESEC UBC’s Newbie Day welcomed the largest number of applicants it has ever received in recent years! With 40+ AIESEC hopefuls present, the Executive Board and a few experienced members presented their portfolios, engaged the applicants in discussions about world issues, and conducted one-on-one interviews. In the end, AIESEC UBC increased its size with a whopping 23 new members(!) and recruitment was deemed a huge success.

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this semester’s round of recruitment!