AIESEC UBC was extremely proud to host this year’s Western Regional Conference (WRC) from Oct. 8-10, 2010 at the Abercorn Inn in Richmond, B.C. It seems like just yesterday when everyone was crammed into the AIESEC office, calling hotels and comparing prices. Then almost a year later, it was our Local Committee excitingly welcoming AIESECers from seven other universities to the weekend extravaganza we call “WRC 2010”.

Below are testimonials from AIESEC UBC members who are all at different stages in their AIESEC Experience. See how new member, Jeannie Tse, experiences her first conference, what experienced member, David Tang, learned, and how Vice President of Outgoing Exchange, Jessica Van, continues to love and learn about AIESEC during her eighth conference.

Jeannie Tse, Finance
AIESEC UBC Fall recruitment 2010
Awarded as AIESEC UBC’s Best New Delegate

AIESEC Western Regional Conference 2010 was, in a word, AWESOME. I joined AIESEC with a rather vague idea on what the whole organization was about. All I knew was that it was a chance to meet new people, develop some leadership skills and maybe go on an international exchange in the near future. AIESEC is about that, but WRC showed me that the AIESEC experience is so much more.

The moment you entered the main plenary room, you could feel the energy in the air (and the bass coming from the speakers as well). Already there were people doing the dances. By the time most of the newbies got over their initial caution, everyone was up and dancing, although there may have been some awkward moves from my part. But no one cares if you couldn’t do the dances properly. Everyone was just so excited; you can’t help but join in and dance with the same amount of enthusiasm. (Note: the dances really do give you a work out. I learned to have a hair tie and not wear jeans.) When the cheers and roll calls started afterwards? I knew I was going to be part of something special that weekend.

And it was special; the food, the music, the people were great. I got to meet the most amazing individuals hailing from all across Canada and even from international countries. The sessions themselves were extremely informative, with exceptional facilitators. They really helped ground me in the values, purpose and mission of AIESEC. All three days were jam-packed with information, and I came out of it with a much better understanding of what my role in AIESEC Canada was.

WRC was more than just a regular conference; I left with a smile on my face, new friendships formed, a sore throat from shouting, and a more solid grasp of what I could offer to AIESEC and what AIESEC could offer me.

David Tang, Alumni Relations
AIESEC UBC Winter recruitment 2009

Hi, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m David in the Alumni Relations portfolio. A few weeks ago I attended the Western Regional Conference in the Taking Responsibility (TR) stage or “Oldie” member. The conference was my second since joining AIESEC and it was an AMAZING experience! You get to meet new people from various Local Committees across Canada, meet friends that you haven’t seen in awhile, learn a LOT about what AIESEC is about and how you can find your place in the organization. Just based on these things, I would encourage anyone of you to go! The biggest thing though was the Spirit Keg (that we won, haw haw!).

If you know me, then you’ll probably know me as a relatively quiet kind of person. During my first conference, I definitely had an educational experience, but DEFINITELY also felt weird doing all those dances and lip synching all the cheers I didn’t know. This time was different. I let go of feeling “weird” and just had a good time, cheering till my voice was hoarse, and enjoying the company. If you guys are new and feel somewhat awkward, I totally understand where you’re coming from, but don’t let it stop you! There’s a lot to discover and learn at AIESEC and I hope and encourage you all to make it the best university experience!”

Jessica Van, Vice-President of Outgoing Exchange 2010-2011
AIESEC UBC Fall recruitment 2007

Western Regional Conference 2010 was my eighth AIESEC conference. You might say that makes me a jaded AIESECer. I mean, doesn’t it get old around the third or fourth time? The answer, as you might guess, is a firm and resounding NO! Every conference is a huge learning experience thanks to the sessions delivered by our lovely facilitators, but also through the sharing of best case practices from around the country. For older members, this is often an opportunity to bring up the problems being experienced in their local committees and to have their counterparts from SEVEN different chapters be their sounding board.

Also not to be discounted is the usual intense expulsion of positive energy from the delegates’ cheering, dancing and active participation throughout the entire conference. Once again, I was blown away by the sheer spirit of the West, with special mention of AIESEC UBC’s awesome newbies who all, after they conquered their initial awkward turtle stage, stepped outside of their comfort zone and threw themselves into the spirit of AIESEC. When we won the Spirit Keg, I nearly burst with pride! Being a Vice-President can be a trying experience at times with the heavy workload, stress and a seemingly never-ending stream of problems. The sheer energy and positivity however that emanate from these brief gatherings of AIESECers keep me going by reminding me of why, after all this time, I’m still head over heels in love this organization.

Thank you to the Organizing Committee for all the hard work put into making WRC 2010 such an amazing experience for everyone! That means YOU, Claudia Wong, Sewen Chan, Helen Chen, Larissa Dziubenko and Tony Lam!

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors: Blenz Coffee, Natureland Products, Lululemon Athletica (Oakridge Centre) and UBC’s Alumni Association!

– Daryll Sy, Vice President of Finance and Communications 2010-2011

Compiled by My Le, Communications.