I am an AIESECer!

I used to think that phrase was quite unnecessary and actually a bit too much of a marketing tool; however, as I have just celebrated my eighth month as a Vice President at AIESEC UBC, I am extremely proud to pronounce, “I am an AIESECer!”

The last eight months have been a roller coaster ride of extremely high moments and extremely low moments. My Executive Board (EB) team has achieved some fantastic results thus far in our time as VPs. These accomplishments include doubling the number of marketing meetings we’ve attended, having a super successful membership recruitment in September, organizing and pulling off one of the best conferences ever, and, most recently, encouraging three members to seek election to become next year’s Local Committee President. This EB has certainly seen activity that could only be envied by years past and is most definitely applauded by our predecessors. However, the low moments have been particularly tough as well. Losing three EB members to extraneous forces was a big blow to the EB leading us to do poorly in some respects and preventing us from fully reaching all of our goals.  Although we may not hit our targets this year, we will carry out the next four months knowing that when our time is up, we will be passing on an organizational structure and engagement level that brings us closer to being the best possible Local Committee next year.

What I will be taking away from this year, however, won’t just be the pride that comes along with being a VP. I will always treasure the friendships I have made with my EB members over the last eight months and the months to come. Even though we don’t see each other everyday, we definitely talk to each other on a daily basis. In a way, they have become my family. My fellow EB members are constantly helping me improve my role as a VP by giving me invaluable feedback for all my activities, listening and critiquing my proposals, and always encouraging me to do better. These people, though, aren’t just my colleagues, they are my brothers and sisters (and sometimes mothers and fathers). Over the last eight months, a bond has formed between each of us, one that can’t be easily broken. Through the ups and downs, we have always supported one another and will continue this support even after our terms are over.

When I go out to students to promote AIESEC, I promote the leadership development and the exchange opportunities, but as I have slowly come to realize, it’s the network of people you meet through AIESEC that is this organization’s strongest asset. Yes, some of the people we meet will possibly get us jobs someday. And yes, some of the people we meet will possibly be able to provide us a couch to sleep on when we visit. BUT, those are just the added bonuses of knowing them. The real value in meeting AIESECers is the unbreakable bond that exists between members. To be an AIESECer does not mean achieving results. To be an AIESECer means to be part of a group that will always provide you the support you need to reach your dreams.

To that end, I am definitely an AIESECer.

Thank you Jess, Daryll, Claudia, Julia, Josh, Paul, and Sewen (and Tina, David, and Alex)!

Jeffrey Hon, Vice President of Talent Management