When I walked into the room, the General Assembly (GA) had already begun and the room was packed with unfamiliar faces. It took me a moment to come to terms that the phrase “we had an awesome recruitment in September” in the newsletter was an understatement. The number of new members or “newbies” officially outnumbered the “oldies”! Imagine yourself attempting to find a seat in a crowded room of about 40 people, as it virtually became my occupation for the next few minutes.

To start of the assembly, we had a recap from UBC delegates at the Western Regional Conference 2010 (WRC). Alexane St. Amant from OGX and Sarah Haras from AR spoke about their experience and personal thoughts about AIESEC after the conference. (to read more about WRC, click HERE)

The most surprising moment of the GA for me was seeing my picture displayed along with Sarah from AR, being named as AIESEC UBC’s Members of the Month. Sarah was being recognized for speaking up and standing out during WRC with her energizer, in addition to her hard work as a member of the Alumni Portfolio. As for me, the shock of seeing my photo on the projector screen took me a long time to even process…which is probably why I missed what Vice President of Talent Management, Jeff Hon, said in explanation. I see the recognition not as a personal reward, but as a reward for all the team members of the Communications Portfolio for their tireless contributions and dedication during the last few weeks. A round of applaud for the team!

As to the second portion of the GA, Talent Management proudly announced a new competition – Inter-portfolio Crazy Mania that is going to be happening for the whole month of November. The goal of the competition is to encourage AIESECers of each portfolio to participate and experience the marketing culture of AIESEC. In the end, the portfolio which does the most cold calls will be eligible to have their own pizza party.

Who will be the WINNING team? Tune in for our post on AIESEC UBC’s Year End, when the winners will be announced!


-Lily Liang, Communications Portfolio