My Le from AIESEC UBC poetically shares her AIESEC internship experience:

“Sigh, 3 months has passed since the day she left Poland. She couldn’t help bursting into tears recalling the first memory there. Little did she know her heart has fallen for this lovely country. She loved every single tiny thing in here, from little dwarfs welcoming everyone to the city to the sleepless night life where she could have a stroll downtown. This is the world of fantasy, which trapped her to irresistible illusions, then left her mercilessly. That’s when she was broken and realized that…….

…. it’s time to come back to reality. To the same old routine of school and work which she could never escape from. This is where she belongs to and grows old with it. Wake up Wendy, Peter Pan is your fantasy only! Alice, the Wonderland is solely your wild imagination!

Last goodbye, yes it is. We all have to say goodbye eventually. It’s the last kiss for your loved one before he is departing to serve the military; it’s the last time seeing your grandpa before he passed away; it’s the last graduation photo shoot before we all fly to the world of adulthood… Only destiny can determine our reunion, but we shall keep our hopes up, forever and ever!

Yet, there’s a whole journey ahead of her! AIESEC Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny is just one of her temporary stops. Face up and wait for the next one to come. Don’t ever doubt about yourself and H4TF with AIESEC.”

– My Le, Communications Portfolio