The three portfolios of AIESEC UBC’s Strategic Triangle (or Strat-Tri) came together for a weekend of learning, team bonding and all around good times last October 23-24, 2010. Making their way to Lonsdale Quay, members not only got to enjoy the beautiful view of Downtown Vancouver, but were also presented with a day full of insight on AIESEC UBC’s progress, how they as a portfolio and as individuals could contribute, and how Strat-Tri would be able to work together to achieve positive results.

Still curious about the Strat-Tri Retreat? Read on to see Erika’s and Marga’s perspectives as (then) new members!

Joining a close-knit community for the first time is like opening a box of mixed chocolates. It’s something to look forward to – something exciting and new where you don’t know what awaits you. There are expectations that you set about those mystery chocolates (ie. AIESEC) – whether or not they will taste good, whether or not the chocolates – or AIESEC – will be the right fit for you. Before coming onto the retreat, I felt exactly like a kid about to dive into a box of chocolates. Because I hadn’t gone to WRC, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what ‘functional time’ was or what ‘TNs’ were. But that didn’t even matter! (to an extent). Throughout the weekend, I was able to learn a lot about AIESEC, especially about TM. Though the Saturday was jam-packed with information, I feel like I was able to learn a lot from it. We were really able to get together and brainstorm within our own groups, which was awesome. I think that the functional time was well-balanced with fun little events, and it was definitely a blast getting to know everyone. And of course, the homemade food was great! Can’t wait to continue on this AIESEC journey!

– Erika Dizon, Talent Management Portfolio

Heading into the Strat-Tri Retreat as a full-fledged newbie, I was anxious to see what the weekend would have in store. Though I was unsure of what to expect, I knew that AIESEC UBC was comprised of friendly, knowledgeable, and ridiculously good-looking members that would guarantee a fantastic retreat for all, and sure enough, the weekend did not disappoint. From group discussions to energizers, interactive sessions to creative challenges, the retreat was the perfect mix of work and play. Throughout the weekend, I was able to expand my knowledge of the AIESEC organization, and was able to develop relationships with my fellow AIESECers. I now have a much better understanding of my role within my portfolio, and for the first time, am able to answer the question “What is AIESEC?” without hesitation or uncertainty. Overall, the retreat allowed me to identify myself as an AIESEC member, and got me excited for the upcoming year with AIESEC UBC!

– Marga Heras, Talent Management Portfolio