The time of the year has come again…to elect the new AIESEC UBC Local Committee President (LCP) for the 2011 to 2012 term! This year’s elections we have three courageous candidates running for LCP: Daryll Sy (Vice President of Finance and Communications), Joshua Sunga (Vice President of Corporate Relations), and Paul Lee (Coastal Conference Organizing Committee President).

Elections started off with each candidate giving a speech about themselves and their platform for AIESEC UBC.  Their speeches showed their deep understanding of AIESEC and how they planned to help lead UBC to success. Afterward came an hour long intense Q&A session, where the candidates were grilled through numerous questions by the rest of AIESEC UBC. Through the questions, we were able to gain a better understanding of each candidate’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and leadership styles. Near the end, members asked some fun questions as well, learning about Daryll’s obsession with dragonfruits, how Josh aspires to have the ability to control minds, and that Paul’s favorite AIESEC dance move is Tunak Tunak! Finally, the candidates gave their closing speech and the members voted for the candidate who they believed would be the best LCP for AIESEC UBC 2011-2012.

The ballots were counted and preparation started for the AIESEC tradition of pouring water over the elected candidate. Daryll, Josh and Paul shuffled back into the room blindfolded… A round of drum rolls started as Claudia announced: “The new AIESEC UBC LCP is…Joshua Sunga!” So congratulations to Josh for being the new LCP for the 2011 to 2012 term! A series of group hugs ensued afterwards for all the candidates. Their dedication and passion to AIESEC is tremendous as shown by their willingness to take on the challenge of running for LCP. Overall, it was a great election!

Good luck to Josh and his future EB team on leading AIESEC UBC to success in the future! As his closing remark on his speech says: “No AIESECer will get left behind!
-Vivian Luk, Coastal Conference Organizing Committee Team