by Daryll Sy

AIESEC UBC’s Vice President of Alumni Relations and Alumnight 2010’s Organizing Committee President (OCP) Julia Poissant sat next to me on November 15 and couldn’t seem to get off her phone. She was busy with the last minute details for the event taking place the next night, and continually communicating with AIESEC SFU’s own Vice President of Alumni Relations, Bealaine Pamandanan.

I’ve been to two past Alumnight’s so far, and I was extremely excited for this year’s. It wasn’t just because I was more familiar of the people who were attending, or even because Julia, after getting feedback from our Board of Advisers about previous events, decided to make the night more casual (insert pool table). It was because I had witnessed Julia and the organizing committee put the pieces together, and couldn’t wait to see their efforts’ culmination up close.

The night started off with registration and sounds of exclamation, as alumni and students alike recognized their colleagues and peers. The place was packed! I squeezed by groups of people, looking for photo opportunities, as AIESEC UBC’s official photographer for the night. To my delight, I ran into Terrence Tang, AIESEC UBC’s LCP for 2009-2010, and the founding father of Alumnight. Asking Terrence his thoughts on how Alumnight 2010 went, he said “I’m old”.

After a speech from Julia and a representative of SFU’s Alumni Association, the plates of food were brought out and quickly devoured by all present. Entertainment was provided through an organized pool tournament between seven teams of two. Scott Shaw (Alumnus) and Joshua Sunga (UBC) emerged victorious after a vicious battle with Bernie Hertel (Alumnus) and Rochelle Eng (AIESEC Canada). Both teams were awarded cinnamon rolls from in-kind sponsor, Grounds for Coffee. Other highlights of the night include raffle draws and speeches from the Local Committee Presidents of UBC and SFU, Claudia Wong and Colleen Wong, respectively.

The night was capped with a video made by Salina Siu, Alumnight Vice President of Communications (SFU), and a round of congratulations to the Organizing Committee for their hard work throughout the event.

Thanks Julia, Salina, May, Eva and Sammy! It was a great night!

Thank you to our sponsors:
SFU Alumni Association
The Boardroom (in kind)
The Book Warehouse (in kind)
Daniel le Chocolat Belge (in kind)
Green Zebra(in kind)
Grounds for Coffee (in kind)
HANA (in kind)
Safeway (in kind)
Starbucks (in kind)
Sitka Books and Arts (in kind)
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