It was a good run, with a total of FOUR candidates applying to become AIESEC Canada’s new leader for the term 2011-2012. In the end, it was current AIESEC Canada Vice President of Corporate Relations, Peter Gallivan, who emerged victorious.

Congratulations Peter from all of us at AIESEC UBC!

A warm round of applause is also in order for candidates Rafael P. Hellwig, Shree Govindarajan, and Derek Vollebregt. Seeing you all on the stage inspired us all.

Hear about the election from the perspective of Toru Nanami of AIESEC UBC:

What is AIESEC? I thought I knew the answer to that question after spending three months in the organization and attending the Western Regional Conference 2010, but I did not realize the impact which AIESEC is an organization that could have on someone’s life.

Growing up in the west, I never had a chance to truly realize that French is another official language of Canada. In fact, I usually encounter Mandarin speakers more often than Québécois in Vancouver. Thus, being exposed to the French culture at this conference was a rare and unique experience for me.

Not only did I feel that the Québécois brought a different aspect of the Canadian culture I have grown accustomed to, but it was in National Congress 2011 that I began to witness the two-pronged culture of Canada as a whole. Candidates spoke a part of their speech in French, which was pretty amazing and I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one impressed by this performance.

With that being said, all of the candidates seemed to be extremely passionate and enthusiastic about becoming the next Member Committee President and all four sought to improve AIESEC Canada as a whole by their vision. After the result of the election was announced, I saw tears in every single candidate’s eyes, representing emotions ranging from joy to sorrow. This made me a bit jealous, as I realized that I haven’t yet found anything in my life that I can be as passionate about. However, at the same time, this motivated me to find something that I deeply care about, just as much as they care about AIESEC. In my case, it can also be AIESEC as well or it could be something else, but either way, it is my pleasure to be a part of an organization that can have such a huge impact on someone’s life.


Ten AIESEC UBC delegates made their way to National Congress held in the Radisson Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. From Dec. 30, 2010-Jan. 3, 2011, delegates went through a series of sessions aimed at developing their analytical, problem solving and business skills. AIESEC UBC was also able to meet and network with over 200 delegates from across Canada. Thank you AIESEC Edmonton for hosting a wonderful conference!

Photo credits to: Alex Juy of AIESEC SFU and Claudia Wong of AIESEC UBC