by Jung Ho Park

AIESEC VP Selection and the Year 2011

Congratulations, new Vice-Presidents of AIESEC UBC. You have succeeded in the difficult process of the Vice President selection process to emerge as next-year’s leaders of the UBC Local Committee.

The Vice President Selection followed immediately after the Lpcal Committee President election, two momentous events I observed for the first time. The Vice President selection was the first event I saw Josh Sunga the President-elect in action. Certainly, his leadership style is direct and serious, and AIESEC UBC will be more driven and ambitious as a result. If anything, I carefully observed Josh as much as the candidates, perhaps even more. He is certainly not afraid of asking the necessary questions to the Vice President candidates, of which there were ten in total. He looked like a real CEO, and his leadership will certainly cast a shadow over the Vice Presidentss who will look to him for leadership in times of trouble and turmoil, which are almost certainly coming for an organization as serious and ambitious as AIESEC. As for the new Vice Presidents, I am very excited in what this fresh blood will bring to the successes of AIESEC UBC!

As a year-old AIESEC member who has closely watched the management style, workload, and stress (as well as humor) levels of two Communications Vice Presidents, I know how challenging the coming year will be for all VP-elects. The actual Vice President selection will certainly be a sleepwalk compared to what awaits you now, yet I am confident that you will learn to develop your indigenous leadership styles, while also committing important mistakes which will hopefully become valuable learning moments. In moments of great challenge, you can always look at us, the AIESEC UBC community, as a source of support, advice, and assistance.

Good luck to our new leaders!

Local Committee President 2011-2012: Dan Joshua Sunga

Co-Vice President of Corporate Relations 2011-2012: Henry Hong and Margaret Kim

Vice President of Finance 2011-2012: Sewen Chan

Vice President of Talent Management 2011-2012: Briana Leong

Vice President of Outgoing Exchange 2011-2012: Hung Keat Chua

Vice President of Alumni Relations 2011-2012: Helen Chen

Vice President of Communications 2011-2012: David Tang