Coastal Conference 2011 has officially ended and it’s roughly one week away from the last day of my term on AIESEC UBC’s Executive Board.

I am exhausted.

As I slowly transitioned all of my responsibilities to my successors over the last two months, I had been withdrawing myself from AIESEC physically, emotionally and mentally. Thoughts of school, graduation and future employment instead loomed in my mind, and the organization which I dedicated myself to for the last few years took the back seat. While I do not regret any decision I had made in my AIESEC “career”, I often wondered about what would have happened if I had not been as involved with AIESEC UBC. What would I, my university experience, and life be like? Would my future as a graduate be more or less daunting? Would my GPA be the 4.0 I so desperately wished it was? Doubts would sometimes take over, placing me into a mood of sorts.

Coming into Coastal last Friday, I never thought that I would come out of it with a totally renewed sense of purpose for myself in relation to AIESEC and my immediate future. Yet, the combination of: ideas and participation of each delegate, numerous “stepping out of their comfort zone” moments witnessed, the ‘international’ presence of Seattle and San Jose delegates, positive feedback circles, and increasing levels of spirit, all changed my mind. What I saw, as I sat in front of the delegation, was a set of individuals who would bring AIESEC to a whole new level which current Executive Boards (present company included) could only dream about.

Words cannot say how proud I am of the incoming Executive Board of AIESEC UBC and how excited I am to hear about their accomplishments days, weeks and months from today. I cannot wait to brag about how I helped develop the AIESECers who are to lead AIESEC UBC this year, the next, and perhaps the year following that. In my future adventures as an exchange participant, I can only hope to inspire them to believe in AIESEC’s impact, as they themselves have inspired me.

– Daryll Sy

Thank you to our chair, Val from Laval and my fellow facilitators for providing me with the opportunity to contribute to Coastal Conference 2011 and help push myself out of my own comfort zone. Secil Moneybags will never be the same.

To the Organizing Committee, a round of congratulations is in order. Your hard work and effort made everything possible.

Photo credit to Colleen Wong

By Daryll Sy
Photo credit to Colleen Wong