Today marks the last day of AIESEC UBC’s Executive Board 2010-2011. It’s been an exciting and challenging year, and it looks like we made it. Thank you to all of AIESEC UBC for trusting us and for allowing us to guide and direct each one of you through the crazy, fun and valuable experience that is AIESEC…it’s been an honor. Now, we are extremely proud  to place AIESEC UBC now into the very capable hands of Executive Board 2011-2012: Josh, Margaret, Henry, Sewen, David, Helen, Chua and Briana. As our last “hurrah”, we’ve written a message for the Executive Team 2011-2012 (and for each AIESECer out there):

Herro! You have just taken the first step of your year long journey.

The future looks daunting doesn’t it? Do not worry for it will pass by before you realize it. There will be some road bumps on the way, but there are a lot of valuable lessons to be learned. We believe you are all up for the challenge. After a year of numerous up’s and down’s, we of AIESEC UBC’s Executive Board 2010-2011 would like to pass on some words of encouragement and advice:

1. Be hard on yourself and always link your actions back to your goals and vision.

2. (But) Know your own strengths and weaknesses and never ever sell yourself short.

3. In times of uncertainty, take time to look at the bigger picture: it may sometimes be difficult to remember but it will put things into perspective.

4. Listen to and love your President: He’s president for reason – love his quirks and trust the passion.

5. Your team has ears and shoulders (and knees and toes): Rely on your fellow Executive Board members – you will be your family for the year and you will learn to appreciate the most unlikely people.

6. GFS: Gym. Food. School.  Maintain balance in your life.

7. Take care of each other: Everybody hurts (sometimes).

8. Work hard, party harder: You didn’t do all this work for nothing – know when to reward yourself.

9. Always look back and remind yourself why you are here in this position today.

10. Learn how to manage your time: family is important.

11. Don’t take people for granted: Don’t forget your friends outside of AIESEC.

12. And lastly, don’t be afraid to laugh out loud – even if you sound like a goat.

We hope that this year will be as rewarding for you as the last year has been for us. Believe in yourself, because we believe in you.

Signing off,

Claudia, Jess, Jeff, Daryll, Julia and Paul