I’m Jeff Chua, a second year psychology student and I’ve recently joined AIESEC UBC in hopes to make an impact for students on campus. Joining as the new Social Media Specialist in the Communications Portfolio, I’m given the opportunity to facilitate the branding of this organization through social media outlets such as WordPress.

In the recruitment process, I’ve experienced rigorous yet interactive activities including scenario situations, discussions, group and individual interviews. After being selected, I’ve had the chance to meet with my fellow Communications Portfolio members who were very friendly and enthusiastic. This included a splendid dinner at the Banana Leaf Restaurant, Broadway.

As a new member, I’m able to participate in portfolio meetings and provide ideas and input in order to promote a professional image for AIESEC UBC. I will be writing articles about recent events, interviewing exchange participants and networking with different members from other portfolios, provinces, and even countries. AIESEC has attracted me through its ability to manage itself as a student organization for different universities in Canada. I joined AIESEC to develop my leadership skills and to experience how this internationally renowned organization is able to provide students with productive roles and internship opportunities around the world. One example of how one can learn more about AIESEC was at the Coastal Conference 2011, where we performed cheers, dances, and learned many things about the organization.

Together with the Communications Portfolio, I look forward to attracting more students to AIESEC through activating social media channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. My goal is to have people fully engaged and attracted to AIESEC’s goals and values when AIESEC UBC is searched and explored online.

– Jeff Chua