Hey AIESEC! What’s up?

On, March 12 2011, AIESEC-ers attended the first ever CARCOMM Retreat, developing their AIESEC knowledge and continuing on their AIESEC journey!

Members from Corporate Relations (CR), Alumni Relations (AR) and Communications (COMM), gathered for one day of learning.

This event was a good chance to welcome our new members to AIESEC UBC, our new Executive Board members to lead their team, and also a good chance for the old members to keep up-to-date with the current progress of AIESEC UBC. One of the members’ favorite energizers, AIESEC dance marked a good start to the morning.

What’s next? AIESEC Stories from the respective Vice Presidents (VP) from CR, AR and COMM! An overview for each portfolio was outlined in the very beginning of CARCOMM. There were quite a number of beneficial sessions throughout the day, which covered a variety of topics such as networking skills, sales training, National Sales Program, AIESEC branding and social media.

During the Pitch Machine session, members were paired together, placed into different situations and were taught to promote AIESEC professionally. For example, one person was given 1 minute to promote AIESEC during a mock networking event, trying to pitch AIESEC in to another person, who acts as a company’s representative. 1 minute was allocated for feedback session.

From these sessions, members got the opportunity to learn about how portfolios are inter-connected and also how AIESEC-ers should perform in external and internal operations.

Overall, not only did the members benefit from the day’s activities, but the VPs also got to learn and know the members more. A stronger bond was formed between the members and also the VPs. We are now all ready to step out of our comfort zones as a single body called AIESEC.

– Voon, Communications Portfolio