On March 22, AIESEC UBC had the honor of attending a valuable Toastmasters workshop available to all AIESEC-ers free of charge. Toastmasters, in stark contrast to what its name implies, has nothing to do with mastering a quick breakfast, but instead seeks to create a good public speaker out of an ordinary young person – you. The speakers, Rodolfo Yoshii and Jay Kiew, were very attentive to the common mistakes and common rules of betterment in the behavior, attitude, and customs related to effective public speaking. In many ways, the speaker showed us how to create charisma out of our speaking skills. This charisma arises from confidence, amiability, engagement, and other attributes, but these abstract qualities require practice and special tips that help us achieve this aura of charisma – all of which the Toastmasters workshop provided for us.

The skills learned from the Toastmaster workshop were applicable to many portfolios in AIESEC. Corporation Relation (CR) and Alumni Relations (AR) members can best project the professionalism of AIESEC UBC by using the confidence measures that help them bridge the fear of “experience gap” between the AIESEC-er and the 30-60 year old professional. Communications (COMM) members require good speaking skills to deliver effective classroom presentations and engage external representatives with on-campus and off-campus media relations. Outgoing Exchange (OGX) members depend on good presentation skills to push attendees of our info sessions from “This looks interesting” to “sign me up!” It is a lifelong learning that will remain relevant wherever we are and with whatever we do.

On behalf of AIESEC UBC, I would like to thank Toastmasters for this valuable, insightful workshop, as well as our collective Local Committee (LC) for organizing this event. For those AIESECers interested in joining Toastmasters, the club meets every Wednesday and encourages newcomers to be a guest in one of them before joining. For full details, click here.

Jung Ho Park