On Saturday, June 4, AIESEC UBC held a Review Board as part of its summer recruitment for the AIESEC Global Internship Program. Ten candidates for the program were interviewed by Review Board panelists and we are pleased to say that they were all approved by the panel!

Please congratulate AIESEC UBC’s new Exchange Participants!

Faculty/Year Type of internship
Tracy W. Computer Science and Math, 5th year Technical
Elise E. International Relations and Asian Studies, 1st year Educational
Bhupinder M. Electrical Engineering, 4th year Technical
Kelvin S. Finance, 2nd year Technical
Cindy W. Finance, 1st year Management
Michelle L. Global Health/Science, 1st year Development
Sho S. Arts, 2nd year Educational
Justin C. Arts, 2nd year Development
Amber B. Marketing, 2nd year Educational
Ingrid Nathalie F. Psychology, 5th year Development

If you’re interested in pursuing an internship through the AIESEC Global Internship Program, send us an email for more information: exchange@aiesecubc.ca or sign up for our mailing list.

AIESEC UBC recruits Exchange Participants on the following months: January, May and September.

Once again, congratulations to our new Exchange Participants!