Well well well, here comes my favourite portfolio–Communications. I’ll skip all the technical not-so-interesting words and try to do this with a little bit more fun. I’m going to condense our main activities into one day, and I, from this moment onwards, shall represent a hybrid of all COM members. All wisdom and expertise into one, I’m going to tell you what it is like in a typical *day* of COM.

Bright day in the morning, I woke up to maybe the sunniest day you can ever get in Vancouver. I turned on my computer and started a busy day. Sipping my coffee, I looked through major business websites. I have found some nice little articles about leadership and teamwork. Oh this one is great–How to Network, just what I needed. Well, about six or seven articles collected and what do I do with them? I schedule a series of updates sending these articles to my followers on Twitter.

Next, I opened Facebook page. We’ve got some new comments and new likes! I read through the comments to make sure everything is appropriate. I’ve just got dozens of pictures from our last General Assembly, time to share. This can be painful if I received too many pictures at once, but at the moment I only have got about 40, just the right amount. I selected around 15 pictures and put them through Photoshop droplet for enhancement. Uploaded and done.

Moving on to the major item of the day–media relations. I’ve emailed and called a few on campus media about possible features and it is about time I hear back from them. Going through emails and there were several positive replies. Some ask me to send them a write-up and they will put it up on their next publications and some ask me to keep them informed about our upcoming big events so they can covered. No problem! I quickly put these items down on AIESEC Communications Calendar and COM’s own task tracking document.

I also updated our media channels based on these replies. Several media channels didn’t sound too excited about us, but it’s ok, I’ll figure out what they are looking for and try again in a couple of weeks. All right, after about half a day’s hard work, I relaxed a bit and returned to Twitter. Some of our lovely followers retweeted and replied to my earlier tweets. I thanked them for their retweets and comments (and hugged them virtually) and replied to a couple of questions they posted. Sweet!

In the afternoon I worked on our blog and YouTube. A new blog post about our returning exchange participant needs to be published, half a dozen of replies need to be approved. Oh, and I just finished editing an exchange participant video interview–time to upload to YouTube and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Another big item–recruitment and promotion. The Recruitment Organising Committee has asked for a new set of promotional materials and that means I need to get into graphic design mode! Inspirations come from all sources, and putting different concepts together in accordance to branding guidelines is not as easy or as hard as it seems. At least I managed a draft and I’ll make changes when the ROC gives me some feedback. 🙂

That’s about the end of the day now. I last checked Twitter for new retweets and replies, blog and Facebook Page for new comments, and jotted down action items for the next day before signing off. Lots of things ahead I’ve got to say and life in COM is always busy and interesting. Seeing my creative work and words circulating on campus and attracting new members to our wonderful organisation is about the best thing in the world. If you are interested or have questions, there are just so many ways you can find me so take your pick and I’ll be there. Twitter | Facebook | Email

BY Josephine, Brand Manager Communications