I believe you have heard your friends say that they are going abroad for an exchange pretty often but how often do you hear your friends say “I SEND PEOPLE ABROAD!”?

This is what we, members of AIESEC UBC Outgoing Exchange Portfolio (OGX), do. We deliver the life changing experience to students and recent graduates through our exchange program. Each member will have to go through the OGX process: Recruitment – Applications Processing – Matching – Realizing – Reintegration.


We start off the process with exchange participant recruitment: there are three recruitment rounds each year – January, May and September. We spread the word across campus via posters, social media, classroom announcements, newsletters etc and hold information sessions to educate potential exchange participants about our organization and how they can benefit from the opportunities we offer.

Applications Processing

After we receive applications from the applicants, we assess their eligibility and qualifications. We run the Assessment Centre which is a platform for us to know the applicants better and vice versa. We invite leaders of local businesses, professors, past exchange participants and/or AIESEC alumni to our Review Board to interview the applicants and ensure that all exchange participants have the right expectations about the exchange program as well as our organization. After the applicants are done with the interview, we enter their profile onto the database.


Matching to an AIESEC internship is exactly like hunting for a job. It is tough and OGX members are expected to provide necessary support to the exchange participants. Each OGX member will be assigned to two to three exchange participants and he/she will be personal mentor to those exchange participants. He/she will provide support to the exchange participants such as resume and motivation letter editing, recommending internship opportunities to the exchange participants and internship preparation.


Although we are at a distance when the exchange participants while they are abroad, we still remain the second point of contact with our exchange participants (with the host AIESEC chapter being the first one). We ensure that they are well received and integrated into the local community. We also receive regular updates about their exchange life abroad and are ready to provide any distant assistance if needed.


This is the most exciting part of all the stages in the OGX process. When exchange participants return after they finish their internship abroad, we meet up with them to hear their experience abroad, discuss their future plans as well as process their refund. We help integrate them into AIESEC UBC if they are interested in joining us to create impact on even more youths.

Outgoing Exchange is a fun yet challenging portfolio. The nature of the work is cyclical and you can get really busy during recruitment and processing the potential exchange participants’ applications. However, I can assure you that your experience being in OGX is going to be a rewarding one seeing what you get out of us – interpersonal skills, organizational skills, time and self management skills as well as the vast network of AIESEC.

So what are you waiting for? Join AIESEC UBC OGX to deliver the life changing experience to people around you!

BY–Chua, VP Outgoing Exchange