Tik Tok by Ke$ha (Finance Remix)

Wake up in the morning and eat an omelette

Gotta make it a habit to check on the budget
Before I leave I have to put in my credit and debit
Cause when I leave its gonna be checked by internal audit
I’m talking about numbers and digit, digit
That has to be edit, edit
Anytime there’s a deposit, deposit
And we make lots of profit, profit!
Don’t spend, but cut cost
And minimize any loss
Tonight I’mma underwrite
Til I see the sunlight
Tick Tock, on the clock
But the audit don’t stop
Woah-oh oh oh
Woah-oh oh oh~!
AIESEC UBC Finance’s revised version of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’ shows a small glimpse of what the Finance portfolio is like. Ke$ha seems to have her finance knowledge grasped since she sports a ‘$’ symbol in her name!

Finance portfolio, unfortunately, does consist of sitting in front of the computer, replying to emails, making entries to spreadsheets and attending portfolio meetings. However, from these routine tasks you are rewarded with a fulfilling experience. When will you get the opportunity to learn and develop your accounting, budgeting, and management skills before entering the work force? After learning in class what “trial balance” and “income statements” are, when will you get the chance to actually apply it? In AIESEC UBC’s Finance, we have the opportunity to use what we’ve learnt!

Students who are initiative and making a difference (like taking on a responsibility in an internationally recognized organization like AIESEC) will be the leaders of tomorrow. Aside from the technical benefits from joining AIESEC, you will also have the opportunity to network with other individuals who share a similar interest in developing their professional and leadership skills. Since AIESEC is an international organization, there is an opportunity to network with AIESECers around the world (eg. through Skype!).

Finance at AIESEC is not just about numbers, transparency, and sustainability; we also focus on group activities and bonding, such as Finance dinners and retreats. This is when Finance members get to socialize and learn about each team members. Furthermore, during the finance retreat there are really interesting activities designed to educate about finance materials while having fun at the same time. 

I hope this insight gives you a glimpse of what life in AIESEC UBC Finance is like. AIESEC is an organization that gives back as much as the effort you put into it, if not more. I personally would like to encourage everyone to join AIESEC (not just AIESEC UBC) because of the rewarding experience I have received from the organization. Keep in mind you are not just limited to the finance portfolio as there are five more portfolios to join. But let’s face it, being in finance just AWESOME!    
BY Albert, VP Finance