Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which is the coolest and sexiest portfolio in AIESEC? Corporate Relations, it is!

One of the reasons why I joined the CR portfolio is because it’s the most challenging yet rewarding portfolio of all. As a summer marketer, I’ve worked from Monday until Friday making cold calls, attending networking events, and going on marketing meetings to talk about the Global Internship Program. I must say, it is not an easy job. If you’re thinking of joining CR because you want to put the title on your resume, you must think twice!

Bright and early in the day, I go to the office to make some cold calls. After making ten calls, you’re likely to book one marketing meeting that you can attend. After entering the database into the Salesforce, I browse through it to organize and research the companies I might be able to contact. After spending a number of hours on doing the research, I work on my presentation slides for the meeting. Instead of ‘selling’ the GIP, I try to imagine what the company’s needs are as a consultant. After preparing my presentation, I take 44 to go to downtown for a meeting. After presenting the GIP to the company, they’re not sure if it’s something they’re interested in pursuing. While I’m at a meeting, I’m trying to learn more about the work environment of the company, their culture, and the hiring process. After the meeting, I go back to AIESEC office to update the completion of the meeting on Salesforce and to take a break.

It may seem easier than you think. It is impossible to write down how many times I got rejected over the phone or in person. Sometimes, I feel demotivated because it seems to go nowhere. However, as a student, I am ready to make as many mistakes as I can in order to learn from them. In a ‘real business world’, the cost of making mistakes will be substantial, but not so much when you’re still a student. I’m in CR portfolio because I want to equip myself with all the necessary skills needed to improve building relationship with the professionals.