Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year for everyone from children to adults. Kids are rewarded with bags of sugary treats for dressing up-often as who they wish they could be e.g. superheroes, princesses etc, and adults have a night where they can be whomever they want to be while they embrace a night worry-free fun. As this October comes to a close and Halloween 2011 draws near, the impending question that everyone has asked or is about it ask is:“what are you gonna be this year?”

Being someone who usually goes 110% every year with my costume, I have been thinking quite hard about what I am going to be this year. Do I go with a group costume or a solo one? If I go for funny, how impractical is too impractical? In thinking about these questions I realized that I have really been questioning how I want to present myself to the world on Halloween. This lead me to an interesting thought: what if I took all this energy spent figuring out who I wanted to be on one night and used it instead for figuring out who I wanted to be for the entire year. The only difference is that instead of having one night (or three due to my weakness to succumb to peer pressure) to show the world what I’ve come up with, I would get 365 attempts to tweak and modify until I got it right. As with Halloween of course, I would get to try again each year.

For me, I know (or think I know) what I want to be this year. I want to be a fun positive person who can problem solve and see the power of human connection. I want to see the world and make friendships with amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds. I want to work hard but at the same time be able to step back and enjoy life by being a little silly.

So in figuring out Halloween this year and when asked “what are you going to be this year”? I know what I am going to answer; “I’m going to be an AIESECer ….but on the 31st you might see me dressed up as a bunny.”

– Jamie Hsu