Today marks the one month anniversary since we joined AIESEC! Cheers to that! Thus far, our experience has been fantastic. The whirlwind of events, including Newbie Day, Mini Local Conference and first portfolio meetings, has made us feel welcomed into the AIESEC UBC Family.  No doubt, we’ve experienced exciting events and met wonderful people, but nothing beats the excitement stirred up by the upcoming LCP and VP elections. Numerous promising candidates have taken the stage to showcase their accomplishments within AIESEC. Seeing that AIESEC has nurtured so many leaders and realized so many people’s ambitions, we feel like we are on the path to accomplishing our dreams of becoming future leaders through AIESEC.

Newbie day marked our first step onto the path of accomplishing our leadership dreams.  Seeing so many candidates decked out in semi-formal suits and dresses made us realize that everyone took this opportunity seriously. Sensing all the competition amongst potential AIESEC members was definitely intimidating but we emerged triumphantly as new coordinators for Project Genesis and proud members of Communications Portfolio.

Ever wondered how it feels like to be Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs?! That’s what we got to do at the Mini Conference! During CR training, members were paired up to make marketing calls to various personas to promote AIESEC. Not only did we get to be “prominent individuals”, we also got an idea of the processes involved in branding AIESEC and building partnerships. Other activities at the Mini Conference honed our knowledge of AIESEC and critical thinking skills. Through problem solving sessions, various scenarios stimulated our imagination to creatively resolve issues we may encounter within AIESEC, for example, avoiding disintegration of the local chapter and assessing benefits in partnerships with corporations.

Our first month with AIESEC UBC has been a happy union. Experiencing these events and attending portfolio meetings are giving us a sense of what it is like to become active members of AIESEC UBC. We are excited to be involved in upcoming events and attending workshops and conferences to foster our leadership skills!

And congratulations to Margaret Kim as our new LCP for 2012-2013!

— Jin Chen and Anne, Project Genesis Coordinators