My AIESEC experience actually starts at AIESEC UBC, even if I have registered as an EP back in my home University.  Here is the photo of my first conference experience in Victoria, British Columbia recently.

AIESEC is such an amazing international platform; it seems that you can meet AIESECers anywhere in the world. When I was still in Melbourne, preparing for the University exchange plan, I sent an email to former UBC LCP Joshua about my interest in joining AIESEC UBC while on exchange. Surprisingly, Josh not only kindly replied my email, but recognized me at the first time we met in the GA in January. Looking at so many passionate faces and learning energetic AIESEC dances, I knew then I am here for AIESEC, and AIESEC UBC is going to be a big part in my exchange life in Canada.

There is an interesting story I want to share. It was at the very beginning of the term, and I came across a friend of mine who is an exchange student as well in Student Union Building. She asked me, where are you going? I said, I am going to the AIESEC UBC office. She replies, Come on, have a life, not the volunteering thing. You are here for exchange, exchange means to have fun. I just gave her a smile rather than a reply, but now, as an AIESEC UBC committee member, I really want to say that, well, AIESEC is actually my exchange life here.

It is already amazing to take a University exchange to come to Vancouver to study, and yet it is even more amazing to me to join the local AIESEC committee there. AIESEC’s aim is to provide internship and leadership opportunities to young people, and that is exactly what I am doing now. I am matched to a GCDP internship with AIESEC Kenya for a 7-week long internship in the coming summer, which is totally challenging and exciting.

During my exchange, I had chances to visit the States, and I was deeply amazed by how different the culture can be in North America and Australia. Going abroad is very important and refreshing for me as an individual since I have the opportunity to meet different people and witness culture conflicts. It gave me the change to explore how one can deal with the difficulties and collaborate with others.

Well, my exchange life in Canada has just started, and there are definitely going to be more interesting things to share in the future. I’d like to thank AIESECers here in UBC, you guys are awesome.

(PS: My home University—University of Melbourne has the slogan of “ Dream large”, now UBC is considered “ a place of mind”, I’d like to give this title to thank both Universities to offer me such a great opportunity to explore the world myself.)

 By Leon Jin from Communications