Familiarizing yourself with AIESEC UBC’s inner workings can be a daunting task: there are seven portfolios, each with a unique role in the organization, eight people on the Executive Board, and over fifty members who specialize in different things. To help make understanding our internal structure easier, we’ve compiled brief descriptions of each portfolio, written by their respective Vice Presidents. These were first posted on our Facebook earlier this month.


Local Committee President (LCP) – Dominic Sunga

What AIESEC UBC does can be summed up quite simply: we send students on amazing international internships and take in interns from around the world. What is unique about AIESEC UBC and other AIESEC chapters around the world is that this entire process is managed solely by students, which provides them a place to develop themselves professionally.

AIESEC UBC is currently split into seven portfolios: Outgoing Exchange, Incoming Exchange, Corporate Relations, Communications, Talent Management, Finance, and Alumni Relations. No matter what you’re studying or what you plan to do after you graduate, AIESEC UBC will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience to be successful.

Alumni Relations (AR) – Vicky Lao

Alumni Relations is a very organic portfolio. Instead of specific procedures, members are set free to communicate with alumni in ways they find suitable. Coffee talks, emails, and phone calls with alumni further improve members’ communication skills that would be applicable for a variety of professions. Events that Alumni Relations members organize develop team building skills through collaboration with other portfolio members for success in hosting events and publishing newsletters. Through all this, Alumni Relations members enhance their communication and organizational skills, which distinguishes their university experience from others.

Communications (COMM) – Vivien Lee

If you are reading this, then you have been in touch with the work of our Communications portfolio. On campus, Communications works to promote AIESEC’s Team Member Programme, Team Leader Programme, Global Internship Programme, and Global Community Development Programme to UBC students. We also work with students who have already gone on AIESEC internships in order to document their experiences and share their stories on how going abroad changed their lives. Off campus, Communications supports Corporate Relations by promoting to the business community about the opportunities of taking in talented interns from one of 113 AIESEC chapters around the world to Vancouver.

Communications is a portfolio of creative members that mix fun and knowledge to effectively communicate the core works of AIESEC. New projects sparked by innovative ideas are a regular occurrence, and we encourage members to implement their ideas and make them reality.

Corporate Relations (CR) – Andres Lee

For many UBC students, their first exposure to AIESEC is the opportunity to engage in a life-changing internship abroad. What many might not realize is that an amazing team also works behind the scenes to secure partnerships with businesses and companies all across Vancouver, so that we can provide these exact internships to AIESECers around the world. Enter: the Corporate Relations portfolio!

Corporate Relations functions exactly like its name suggests: members of the portfolio not only consistently contact and network with the Vancouver business community, but also work with other portfolios within AIESEC UBC to cultivate a strong sales culture and build partnerships with potential traineeship takers across the city. Corporate Relations members undergo strong personal skill development while exposing themselves to leading entrepreneurs and CEO’s. The challenges of the work become mitigated by a strong team dynamic and an incredible rewarding sense of a job well done.

Finance (F) – Allie Ye

Finance is the portfolio in which you get to learn about AIESEC UBC’s financial activities. We are responsible for ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the Local Committee through regular annual budget revision, reconciliation, and financial reporting. Members are given opportunities to prepare monthly financial statements, organize fundraising events, and apply to various grants. Finance members experience significant personal development of soft skills such as communication, organization, and critical writing skills, as well as practical accounting knowledge. As the portfolio in charge of money in AIESEC, we play a key role in drawing out the AIESEC blueprint through close collaboration with other portfolios.

Outgoing Exchange (OGX) – Michael Shao

At its core, AIESEC provides students with life-changing opportunities to volunteer or work abroad through its two exchange programs: the Global Internship Programme and the Global Community Development Programme. AIESEC UBC’s Outgoing Exchange portfolio facilitates these exchange programs through culturally preparing and servicing our many participants, and ensuring that every person has an outstanding and memorable experience. The talented members of Outgoing Exchange are able to develop their own personal and professional skills through one-on-one servicing with our unique clientèle, developing and holding interactive workshops, learning about foreign cultures through our exchange participants, and building and managing partnerships with other AIESEC chapters on an international level. Outgoing Exchange offers you a vital opportunity to engage with talented and like-minded youth around the world and to learn about foreign cultures.

Incoming Exchange (ICX) – Jennifer Ko

The Incoming Exchange portfolio is where you get to experience a cultural exchange without even leaving the city. We are all about welcoming international interns to AIESEC UBC, showing them what Vancouver is all about, and also learning from them about their country and culture. We are here to ensure that every person we bring in has an amazing and unforgettable time here in Vancouver with AIESEC UBC.

In this portfolio, you are given the opportunity to build your global network by developing both professional and personal relationships with people all over the world. In addition to servicing student interns, you get to develop professional soft skills by communicating with and servicing companies throughout the intern realization process. This portfolio allows you to make a significant impact on incoming interns looking to gain invaluable experience here in Vancouver, and provide our partner companies with an excellent experience.

Talent Management (TM) – Amanda Hung

As an organization all about the people, AIESEC offers a variety of opportunities to its members. The Talent Management portfolio plays a key role in managing the experiences of the members of AIESEC UBC and ensuring that they take advantage of these opportunities. Talent Management works closely with the members to ensure that they are enjoying their AIESEC experience. Similar to the human resources department of an organization, Talent Management is responsible for recruiting and integrating new members into AIESEC UBC, managing their performance, and organizing events such as workshops, socials, and retreats. Being in Talent Management gives you the opportunity to develop skills in public speaking, event planning, and interacting with people.

You can learn more about the Executive Board members themselves on our website.

Left to right: Andres, Jennifer, Allie, Vivien, Dominic, Amanda, Vicky, Michael