The year is always a whirlwind of events—from recruitment sessions to conferences to monthly meetings—so we decided to put together twelve of our favourite AIESEC memories from 2012 to give you an idea of what goes on throughout the year. These were originally posted on our Tumblr in a countdown towards 2013.

1. National Congress 2012 (December 30, 2011—January 3, 2012)

National Congress (NC) is an annual conference where members of Canada’s 28 Local Committees converge upon a city for five intense (and awesome) days of leadership development. Delegates participate in simulations, brainstorm ideas, and share their AIESEC experiences with each other. In addition to these activities, delegates also get to participate in the election for AIESEC Canada’s new Member Committee President.

NC 2012 was hosted by AIESEC HEC and AIESEC McGill in Montreal. Our delegates had an amazing experience, and some went on to attend National Congress 2013 as well!

2. Coastal Conference 2012 (February 24—26)

Coastal Conference is a regional conference held on—you guessed it—the west coast of British Columbia. It sees delegates from AIESEC UBC, AIESEC SFU, AIESEC Kwantlen, and AIESEC Victoria. While Coastal is much smaller than NC, it’s full of just as much energy and learning. It is also typically the first conference that new members from our January recruitment attend, and offers them opportunities to familiarize themselves with AIESEC as a whole, and their own roles in the Local Committee.

Coastal Conference 2013 is just around the corner—taking place from February 15-17 (coinciding with Reading Week!), it’s definitely going to be an amazing experience.

3. March General Assembly

General Assemblies (GA’s) are monthly meetings organized by our Talent Management portfolio and attended by all members of the Local Committee. We get updates on other portfolios’ activity, prepare for coming events, and engage in some super fun dancing. Our GA in March was special for two reasons:

  1. Attendees of Coastal Conference brought back their experiences and shared them with the Local Committee. This is especially valuable for those who weren’t able to attend.
  2. The Executive Board turnover took place. The Local Committee President and Vice Presidents of 2011 passed the torch onto their successors after weeks of helping transition them into their new roles.

4. Outgoing Preparation Seminar (March)

Going abroad can be scary and challenging, and AIESEC UBC helps Exchange Participants (EP’s) right from the beginning. We co-hosted a seminar along with AIESEC SFU in March in order to help prepare our EP’s for their exchange. Outgoing Exchange, the portfolio that manages our EP’s, spoke about the challenges that might arise while abroad, and ran simulations of different scenarios in order to give them the best preparation possible.

5. National Leadership Development Conference (May 2-6)

National Leadership Development Conference (NLDC) was another conference in our long list of conferences attended. Delegates from all over Canada spent five days in May developing their professional skills and exploring youth and business issues.

6. Exchange Participant Welcoming (September)

In September, we had two interns arrive in Vancouver! One of the best things about going on an AIESEC internship is having a support network while abroad. Local Committees support their interns and help make sure they’re having a great time while working. An important part of this is welcoming interns upon their arrival. Our interns from Brazil and Mexico were greeted at the airport in the classic AIESEC way: with a big AIESEC sign and a lot of love!

7. September Assessment Centre (September 21)

Assessment Centre (AC) in September is where we get to meet everyone who applied for membership and exchange. We have ice breakers and group activities, through which we get to know our applicants better. Applicants for the Team Member Programme learn about the internal workings of AIESEC, and applicants for our Global Internship Programme and Global Community Development Programme learn about the process and requirements of going abroad. Afterwards, applicants get interviewed for the position they’re applying for.

8. Western Regional Conference (October 5-7)

Unlike Coastal Conference, Western Regional Conference (WRC) has delegates from Local Committees in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, in addition to the ones on the coast. It is usually the first conference that new recruits from September attend.

A unique aspect of WRC is the Spirit Keg, which is awarded each year to the Local Committee that shows the most spirit. Throughout the conference, delegates do their best to outshine their fellow AIESECers in a heightened competition of enjoying participation. This year, AIESEC SFU, also the host of WRC, took home the Spirit Keg.

The Pitch Off: a competition to see who could deliver the best AIESEC pitch.

9. Legendary Election (October 22)

Members of our Executive Board serve one year terms, and in October we had an election to vote for our Local Committee President (LCP) for 2013. We had five amazing candidates run for the position. They all gave a speech and answered questions sent in from AIESEC UBC and other AIESECers around the world who were watching the election stream on Ustream. In the end, Dominic, the current Vice President Corporate Relations at the time, was voted LCP.

10. Executive Board Selection Night (November 5)

Unlike our elected Local Committee President, our Vice Presidents are selected by the LCP that they’ll be working with; ie. 2013 VP’s were selected by our incoming 2013 LCP. However, like at our Legendary Election, all VP candidates delivered a speech and answered questions regarding their vision for AIESEC. This was also streamed online through Ustream. We announced the selected candidates the next day at our November General Assembly.

Our Vice President candidates answering questions.

11. AlumNight 2012 (November 14)

AIESEC has a lot of alumni, and we celebrate them at our annual AlumNight! Members and alumni from AIESEC UBC, SFU, and KPU met on November 14 to network and another to listen to past AIESECers speak about how their experiences in AIESEC impacted their careers and future.

12. AIESECman

AIESECman isn’t an event, but you can always find him at one!

You’ve probably seen AIESECman as a walking silhouette in banners and logos—but have you seen him as a breathing and talking person? This year, AIESECman showed up at various events, such as at our recruitment booth at Imagine Day, our Legendary Election, and our December General Assembly. We’re not sure when he’ll appear next, but whenever it is, it’s sure to be awesome.