As a first-year commerce student, I wasn’t sure how to make the most out of my first year at UBC. I knew I wanted to join clubs, but I had no idea which one would be the right one for me. When my good friend, a student of University of Illinois, recommended that I join AIESEC, I was hesitant, but I took up the courage to apply for a position in the organization.

I went through the application process, Newbie Day and the interview, and became a Public Relations Specialist in the Communications portfolio. One of the things AIESEC requires me to do is to attend General Assembly (GA), a meeting taking place every month that all members of the Local Committee attend. When I first heard that everyone from each of the portfolios was going to be there, I was overwhelmed by the number of people I would have to meet. However, I gained a different perspective when I first entered the room. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and conversing with one another. Although I am a new AIESECer, the atmosphere there made me feel welcome. I instantly made new friends and got to know people in different portfolios.

AIESECers getting ready to play telephone charades.

The MCs gave an organized, thoughtful, and fun agenda for the night. GA provided me with information that clarified my role in AIESEC. It got me pumped up for my future tasks. I also listened to presentations from two AIESEC alumni, which motivated me to improve throughout the year. Another thing I felt during GA was that everyone was like a big family. We celebrated birthdays, played games to get to know each other better, and expressed our gratitude to some members for putting great efforts into the organization. When I first heard the word “assembly,” I thought of something very formal and dull, but it turned out to be the opposite of that. We played fun games such as telephone charades, did cheers, and learned many cool dances that I even practice in my room now. After attending my first GA, I have high expectations that I will benefit greatly from my participation in AIESEC both academically and socially.

Bobby Barry giving a presentation on his experience with AIESEC.

By Judy Park, Communications