From February 8th to 9th, I attended the National Sales Program: Vancouver hosted by AIESEC Canada, which took place at UBC. Many delegates from AIESEC UBC, KPU, SFU, and UVIC participated.

AIESECers and alumni.

On the first day, we focused on the methods and outcomes of conducting effective cold calls. Dominic Tremblay, the Vice President Corporate Relations of AIESEC Canada, explained the difference between consultative sellers and product based sellers (also known as stereotypical telemarketers). Dominic opened our minds to the fact that AIESECers aren’t trying to sell a program to potential partners; instead, we are providing short and long terms solutions for these companies.

Sam Turner, who is originally from AIESEC Edmonton, also came to teach. He introduced us to the basic outline of a cold call:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Explain your reason for calling
  3. Provide overview of AIESEC and the value AIESEC can bring to the company
  4. Ask for a meeting to better explain AIESEC

After doing some mock cold calls with our fellow AIESECers, Sam reminded us of the importance of verbal tone. For example, we learned that breaks and pauses not only slow down the pace of the call, but also as present the callers as confident individuals.

Afterwards, he showed us the three degrees of referrals:

  1. A phone number or email address
  2. An actual interview, between our original contact and their contact, via email or in person
  3. When your referral goes with you on the meeting (best case)

Sam stressed the importance of good networking and referrals. He also pointed out that it is easier for an individual to gain the attention and support from others when they already invested trust in this person.

On the second day of NSP, we focused on learning how to sign a Traineeship Nomination from a marketing call (ie. form a partnership with the company and have the company agree to take in an AIESEC intern). In my opinion, the basic guide lines presented by Dominic and Sam are great for both newbies like myself and older members. We are always growing and improving!

We were honoured to practice our skills under the direction of AIESEC alumni. We tried to make it as realistic as possible by dressing for the occasion and having our alumni represent as their actual companies. As a result, we received great constructive feedback!

I find this key phrase that Sam Turner used the most insightful:

If we could find you a person with these qualifications, is there any reason we would not be a candidate for your business?

I learned a lot at the National Sales Program. I am confident knowing that I am fully prepared going into the world of corporate relations. Look out, Vancouver!

By Alissa Rogova, Corporate Relations