Hello, my name is Joshua Wong and I am in the Sauder School of Business. I’ve been in Incoming Exchange since January. I decided to join AIESEC UBC in order to develop myself as an individual and acquire more skills that would be beneficial personally, while at the same time gaining relevant experience for my career. I decided to attend Coastal Conference because the Vice Presidents made it sound like such an important event and a life-changing experience.

At the end of each day, the Local Committees gathered together for some "LC Time".
At the end of each day, the Local Committee members gathered together for some “LC Time”.

I was expecting Coastal to deliver relevant information so that I would be able to do my job, but it definitely was an event that not only provided me with the technical details, but also motivation and inspiration for myself and many of the attendees. One highlight was hearing Aviel Chow from AIESEC Calgary speak to us regarding his experiences with marketing calls, networking events and Corporate Relations tasks in general. Without a doubt, the most helpful workshop was the simulation of a typical AIESEC year. I was forced to make cold calls (with little to no preparation) and attend marketing calls, which are meetings where members discuss possible internship opportunities with local businesses. It was sort of awkward sitting down at my first simulated marketing call and asking, “Wait…so what do I actualy do?” But the facilitators were amazing and taught me a lot during the process.

Additionally, I really enjoyed talking to our intern David, and it gave me a different perspective into the impact that AIESEC has globally. David, who is from Mexico, answered all my questions about his internship in Vancouver, and brought a fresh glimpse into the difference that Corporate Relations and Incoming Exchange can really make. He’s an amazing guy who’s loving his time here and everyone should seize the opportunity to speak with him if they can!

Incoming Exchange.
Incoming Exchange.

I also had a bloody good time rooming with my roommates and bonding with my Incoming Exchange and Corporate Relations team. All in all, I most enjoyed hanging out with everyone from the coastal Local Committees and spreading the AIESEC spirit. All of the members have been so welcoming to me, and I’m happy to add my wacky personality to this family of equally odd people.

I personally dreaded the idea of sugar cubes, which are little notes that delegates write to each other on the last day of the conference, and didn’t send anyone any because I’m evil—but the ones I received were so sweet and actually brought a giant smile to my face. Thanks guys, and maybe I’ll eventually share some sweet feelings with you all (…one day).

Overall, Coastal Conference really motivated and encouraged me to make an effort to hopefully secure a partnership with a local business. You go AIESEC UBC!

By Joshua Wong, Incoming Exchange