Recruitment Organizing Committee 2013
Recruitment Organizing Committee for September 2013

Exactly eight months ago, I had my first encounter with AIESEC. Like any other individual new to the organization, what AIESEC does or stands for was a completely unknown phenomenon to me, yet the potential it seems to offer gravitated me towards making my first step in joining – attending the info session.

The info session presented a basic outline of what AIESEC is as an organization, as well as introductions to each of the portfolios. I noted and enjoyed how the members present acted together as a team – each of them took on a leadership role in order to run the info session smoothly. Notably, whilst sitting in the room as someone who was still considering on applying for membership, I would have never imagined myself being in their exact position a mere couple of months later.

Having been a member of AIESEC since January, I do not consider myself a new or an old member. Despite being a part of the organization for less than a year, I am astonished at the opportunities AIESEC provides for one to grow not only professionally, but personally as well, whether it is through conferences, organized training sessions, or opportunities to take on management roles such as becoming a part of the Recruitment Organizing Committee.

The Recruitment Organizing Committee (ROC) essentially plays the main role in terms of the recruitment process. Together the team strategizes new promotional tactics, and organizes what’s needed to present to interested students for AIESEC’s Membership and Exchange program. I was given the role as a Member Recruitment Coordinator for the upcoming September recruitment season, hence being able to create promotional material for their Membership program while also getting the opportunity to sharpen my presentation skills along the way.

Having just formed our team of nine members in August, we were not only given the opportunity to challenge ourselves to work under strict time restraints, but the rewarding aspect that comes with seeing our hard work earning stirring results. Being a part of the Recruitment Organizing Committee taught me three main values I found crucial to the successful running of a group.



The main objective of working in a team is the opportunity to exchange ideas so that each person’s suggestions are taken into consideration. By doing that, you’re able to utilize the communication skills needed to not only negotiate and compromise, but to also gain knowledge from others. More importantly, you are able to have fun and create something everyone is proud of and contributed to at the end.



As our team only had a month before September to start planning our tasks for recruitment, we had limited time to create all the content needed for promotions and info sessions. In order to make the best out of the time available, we set goals and objectives to achieve, where I was able to attain some effective planning skills along with the ability to really focus on what was needed to be complete. Weekly meetings and late-night Skype chats to discuss ideas were more than rewarding.



Your ability to be subject to change is an important aspect of being apart of the Recruitment Organizing Committee. The material you began working on in the beginning of the recruitment process will never be the end product you show to the applicants. In terms of creating promotional material, changes upon changes were made before the finalized result was approved. Despite that, modifications only garner better results in the long run.

All together, being in the Recruitment Organizing Committee enabled me to gain skills from outside the classroom in an opportunity where I was able to learn more about AIESEC, interact with members from different portfolios, and create an experience to help facilitate one of the biggest events at the start of the school year. I learned more about myself, and the impactful results of being in a youth-run organization that comprises aspects of what it takes to make a mark in the school community, and in AIESEC’s case, on a global platform as well.

By Karena Yeung, Marketing and Communications