Embracing opportunity. That is what I did during the summer of 2013 when I embarked on an internal AIESEC exchange to Indonesia. Beautiful in nature and spicy to the taste, it felt great returning back to the country that I call home. My term as a Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development with AIESEC Indonesia was an eye-opening journey into the realities of AIESEC in Indonesia, experience in implementing a project of international nature, and meeting inspiring leaders of our organization.

Practicing in the Business Development portfolio of AIESEC Indonesia gave me an opportunity to explore the nature of selling the AIESEC Global Internship Program within the Indonesian market. By utilizing warm contacts, personal introductions, and referrals I was able to carefully approach leaders of multinational corporations and chairmen of various industry associations. Indonesia is a wonderful country with a dynamic corporate culture.

The objective of my term as a Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development was to raise and develop a culture of selling AIESEC sub-products in Indonesia. Piloting the market sales for AIESEC Geology was a particular delight. Planning started early. A proper approach was key to building a proper foundation for AIESEC Geology. In working closely with Giovanni Gunawan, Michael Shao, Saul Wang and Carson Widynowski of Outgoing Exchange, we were able to explore the potential of Geology being included as a portfolio for International Global Internships offered to Canadian students. All the necessary approaches were completed and our timeline reached the point of sales.

Indonesia is one of the world’s leading mineral extraction and producing economies. Having previous experience working in the industry, I was able to utilize already existing warm contacts in the Indonesian mining industry to tailor AIESEC Geology to the particular needs of the Indonesian mining market. In exploring the role of AIESEC in developing industries which have a particular shortage of specific talent, I came to the conclusion that the ramifications of AIESEC’s expansion to include Geology as a product we offer to firms an asset to both AIESEC and the Indonesian mining industry.

Facilitating AIESEC Indonesia’s National Support Team Summit and National Functional Summit was a particular highlight of my experience in Indonesia. Held in the city of Surabaya the NST Summit and the National Functional Summit was a great opportunity for me to share my learning curve in AIESEC to Indonesian AIESECer’s. It was a pleasure to work with Arif Putra, Reynaldo Rayne, and Panji Agustian when presenting our wonderful sessions. Their experience in AIESEC is an inspiration to me.


Being part of a truly international working team of individuals is very exciting and quite stressful at the same time. The nature of Indonesian corporate relations is different to that which is witnessed in Canada. A correct approach and extensive network is necessary for any venture. Networking with the Canadian expatriate community in Jakarta was an integral part of developing the necessary network of corporate leaders to tap in the Indonesian mining industry. Extensive research of the particular details of every potential AIESEC Geology sub-portfolio (Petroleum, Surveying, Mineralogy) was necessary. I took great pleasure in developing a detailed understanding of National Instrument 43-101 as a framework for report compiling used by Canadian Geologists.

A particular treasure of my experience was to meet international leaders of our organization. Their drive and commitment to meeting AIESEC’s core values had and will serve as an inspiration for me personally to never give up and believe in AIESEC.

For every stone that falls into an ocean creates a wave, each action an AIESECer makes leaves a lasting impact. I am grateful to the friends and colleagues that made my experience as a Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development in AIESEC Indonesia possible and AIESEC Geology a success.

By Ivan Fedortsov, Corporate Relations