ImageThe Step Out Campaign promotes students to step out of the notion that our comfort zone acts as a barrier for us to grow and develop. By widening it to take on more challenging opportunities, and for people who are interested in exchange to step out of the country and into a new one for a cultural experience, we can work together towards the same goal of trying new things and discovering new interests.

Within the mass of inspirational quotes that you see plastered onto any school organization or leadership related events, going outside your comfort zone tends to be one that is most typically used, as it occasionally entices us into doing something we otherwise wouldn’t have done. Like most students, I do in fact make a mental note of that phrase, and reprimanded my comfort zone for being just so comfortable. However truth is, your comfort zone is nothing to be ashamed of. It is normal to be happy within an expanse of what you know and are familiar with, or how you carry yourself to others. What is important, nonetheless, is your willingness to expand that comfort zone so that you can become familiar with a variety of different areas.

Ever thought about the opportunities that AIESEC has to offer to help you flourish as an individual? Or whether you’re uncertain about experiencing new things abroad? Within the month, we will be providing personal stories on why you should embrace the opportunity of stepping out. AIESEC UBC will be leading each new week with a different theme – ranging from membership and exchange, to leadership and motivation, we will be guiding you along this journey with us to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Step Into AIESEC!

“Perfection is not required of you, only perfect effort. Not to even try because you don’t think you can would be terribly sad. You’ll be amazed at what you can do if you simply step into it. Life awaits you on the other side of Risk.”
-Neale Donald Walsch