1271125_10152024240184319_1959306362_o Eat, sleep, study repeat.

This is the cycle many of my peers go through during a typical year at school. Some of my friends choose to work part time during the year along with this cycle, and others choose to invest their time in sports or other extracurricular activities that interest them. I began my university career with the conception that my four odd years would consist of buddying around with friends and studying for exams or writing papers. And throughout my first year, that was how I lived. During the summer of my first year, I felt like something was missing. I wanted to find meaning in life and sought for a more worthwhile experience during my university career. I began to think about what I would tell my future children (if I were to have any) I had accomplished during my four years at university. I was searching for jobs at the time and was shown a resume my friend had used to secure a job at a financial institution. One of the experiences he had noted on it was that he served as a Vice President in AIESEC at a local post-secondary institution.

The detailed experiences regarding AIESEC that he wrote about piqued my interest in the organization. He and I had a conversation about the types of opportunities and experiences he had; all made possible through AIESEC. Immediately I began my self-initiated research on the organization and was saddened when I realised that the organization would not be hiring in the summer session and I eagerly waited for September to begin so that I could enter a community that shares the same academic and personal interests that I did. When September finally came I applied to AIESEC UBC and was taken on by the organization. The experiences that I have had so far have exceeded my expectations and I believe that even greater opportunities and experiences are possible if one is willing to step up and seize it.

The opportunity is there, and the time is now. Will you Step Up and take it?

By Malcolm Yu, Marketing and Communications