Leadership (noun): the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this

I used to be an individual who would shy away from leadership roles because I held the assumption that some people were born to be leaders, and some just didn’t have the qualities to be one. However, now taking a look from the definition of ‘leadership’ provided conveniently by Wikipedia, I can say that I look at this definition quite differently from two or three years ago.

When one takes on the role of the leader, he/she is accepting the responsibilities to guide and unify a group of people, and to merge everyone’s output to the same concluding goal. Not only are you the guidance for your team members, but with this experience you gain so many skills -some of which may even assist you to be a better leader to yourself.

Becoming a leader isn’t a black and white process. Many think they repel leadership roles because they are not good enough, not qualified or do not have the charisma and personality traits. And without thinking twice, many do not step out of their comfort zones, and attempt to give it a try. But when you limit your possibilities and your windows of opportunities, you are closing numerous doors for your future. If one stays forever in comfort, is always content with what they are, one will never progress, learn and grow. Black does not transform into white in one take, but passes through many stages and gradients to reach the final product. So if you think you aren’t cut up for it, think again because if everyone had that mindset, no one would ever be cut up for anything. It is a constant process of constructing yourself, and absorbing abilities and knowledge that brings you one step closer to being a leader. Although sometimes failing is unavoidable, you should not let that be the reason to be scared. All great people start out the same as everyone else. But in the end, they were the ones who decided to take a lead in their lives — to step out of their comfort zones with the intention of constructing themselves to be a better individual.

By Mimi Chen, Marketing and Communications