Every year, AIESEC Canada coordinates a number of both national, and international conferences aimed towards providing members with the experience and opportunity to obtain skills from outside the classroom, ranging from developing personally and gaining professional skills that can aid one in their future endeavors. By utilizing conferences as a tool for a major learning environment and platform, AIESEC holds over 500 national and international conferences annually to foster the growth and development of their members, in addition to connecting with the alumni of the organization to build up one’s network.

From December 30 2013 – January 3, 2014, over 300 AIESECers from across the country got the chance to partake in leadership instructional sessions, global/strategy discussions and engage with other AIESEC leaders at AIESEC’s National Congress 2014. This conference supports AIESEC’s core duty: developing student leaders and facilitating global exchange.

This year, AIESEC UBC had the honour of going up on stage to collect two excellence awards in the categories of Talent Management and Marketing and Communications! We are so ecstatic of our accomplishments and can’t wait to see what the New Year has in store for us.

TM members Amanda Hung and Jessica Ngan with the National Vice President of Talent Management, Sue Ahn

“Since the implementation of AIESEC Canada’s new Member Education Cycle this Fall, our team has actively taken part in fully utilizing the tool, as well as integrating the national initiative and the Member Levels into our Local Committee to promote cross-functional activity within our Local Committee”

MarCom members Shiori Harada and Karena Yeung with National Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Gordon Ching

“In 2013 we implemented marketing strategies and produced regular content for all our online platforms to document internship, membership, leadership, and alumni experiences. Every aspect was important in reflecting our Local Committee culture and capacity. Through media publications, such as our partner websites and newspapers, MarCom was able to share the value of AIESEC more broadly”

Check out AIESEC UBC’s Year End Annual Report 2013 here!