I had always been interested in what AIESEC stood for – an international non-profit organization that provides students with leadership training and internship opportunities. Specifically, the opportunities it offers students that extend beyond the school body – personal and professional growth. As my last year in UBC, it was getting closer for me to explore and discover more of my career path and what I really wanted to pursue after I leave the academic world. With that, I found AIESEC.
I joined AIESEC during the September 2013 recruitment. At first, I did not realize how in depth and structured the application process was. I had to attend at least one info session, submit a written application and lastly attend a group and one-on-one interview. Despite the process seemingly intimidating, it was nothing close to that. In fact, I found myself more passionate and determined to be part of the AIESEC family. I loved the group and one-on-one interview the most. I highly commend the Talent Management team for successfully producing a professional yet fun event! Even from the beginning of the membership assessment center, I already found myself comfortable around the AIESEC community. It was then, that I was certain that I had to be part of the community. I initially applied for Incoming Exchange (ICX) as I was convinced that it was the perfect portfolio for professional and personal development through their sales meeting, cold and warm calls etc. I thought ICX would give me the perfect training and self-discovery that I needed for after I graduate UBC. However, we were given the opportunity to learn about different portfolios during the assessment center. I am really grateful for this opportunity because it is when I realized that Talent Management was a better fit for me! Despite the change in mind, I still pursued ICX as my first choice. However, when I received my acceptance email, I was positioned in Talent Management. Until today, I am so happy for it!
I started out as a Members Engagement Coordinator in Talent Management during my first term in AIESEC. I was under the leadership of Amanda Hung as the Vice President of Talent Management during that time but my team leader was Jessica Ngan, who is the current Vice President of Talent Management! The first event that we wanted to plan was Engagement with AIESEC. I was really determined to find a speaker for the event. I reached out to Scotiabank by conducting my very first cold call. I remember being so nervous about it but I was thankful that Jessica was there to help me out throughout the call. Unfortunately, the event never pushed through but despite that, it pushed me to extend beyond my comfort zone. Not that I needed it but it just re-confirmed me that AIESEC is the perfect organization that would yield me to develop myself not only professionally but personally! The first AIESEC event that I organized with my other team member, Tony, was the Year End Social. This was important for me because it was the first event that we had to organize as newbies without being dependent on Jessica. Through this event, I further learned how to negotiate with people (specifically, the venue holder) and practice my presentation skills. It was a successful event! My first term in AIESEC was a great experience for me but I realized I wanted to gain more. My goal was to be a Team leader for next semester. This term, I was given the opportunity to be the Director of Member’s Training and Development in Talent Management. I was so excited for this new challenge and opportunity and was determined to be a great leader. This really shows how great AIESEC is. The community really sees through your hard work and determination and with that, it drives you even more to push and challenge yourself. So far, I was able to be a facilitator and interviewer for this year’s membership assessment center. Being on the other side of the fence, I was able to learn so much professionally. As an observer and interviewer for the potential new members, I was able to position myself in the mindset of an evaluator that paralleled the position of an interviewer for my future job opportunities. With that experience, I believe that it will serve as a significant aid for my future job interviews. I now have a better and a comprehensive understanding of what an interviewer observes and examines during a job interview. The most recent event that I organized with my team is  Induction Day. Induction day is an event where the new members will learn more about AIESEC, the local chapter and the team they will be part of. I experienced how to successfully delegate tasks to my team members and lead a team in organizing a successful event! Furthermore, I am also able to conduct weekly team meetings that continuously encourage me to be a great team leader and consequently teach me how to be one as well. Everyday, I develop my professional and personal self with AIESEC. For this term, our team’s goal is develop a new project that will impact our local chapter and hopefully, AIESEC as a whole organization!

By Melissa Siy, Talent Management