AIESEC surprises me every day. It’s impossible to describe the feeling that this organization provides for every member! Every experience that I had at AIESEC was better than I expected. My experience as CEED (Cultural Envoy for Exchange and Development) in Vancouver was one of these AIESEC experiences – it was better than I expected!
   I met members that have the same motivation as me – we love the same organization, we have the same sparkle in our eyes and our members are impacting and changing lives all around the world. I learned a lot in Vancouver, and developed myself. I worked with Talent Management team, and I was given the chance to learn about recruitment. That was the area I had the most difficulty with in AIESEC Limeira, but now I could see the differences. I’m trying to change all the things that I want to improve in AIESEC Limeira. Because of what I could apply the knowledge I learned in Vancouver to make changes to my own Local Committee, and the result turned out to be fantastic!
   I think that the programs that AIESEC provides – membership and exchange, are the “key” to impact the society and develop leadership. However, I also want to emphasize the importance of CEEDership! I’ve never thought that a CEEDership could provide this much knowledge and development like what I’ve experienced in Vancouver! I just want to thank AIESEC UBC for giving me this opportunity and I’ll contribute to this Local Committee forever with everything that I can!”