“We must take adventures to see where we truly belong”


My inspiration:

Today June 19th (when I actually wrote this entry) marks one week before I leave for my 7 week internship in Hanoi, Vietnam. I initially thought that I wouldn’t be going abroad to work till 3rd year, but plans change. Why you may ask? Simply because I want my life to be changed. Be it a good or bad experience I want to step out of my comfort zone and go on a journey. The fear of the unknown is a scary thing, uncertainty leaves you feeling anxious and misplaced and that’s why I want to explore the undecided.

It all started in December 2013. I attended my first ever AIESEC conference. I was able to meet passionate student leaders from all across Canada who all want to create change. The stories I heard convinced me to apply to go on this internship.

The power of a story is what I was interested in. How could something so abstract give me such a sudden change of heart. I then realized that I wanted that ability as well. To go on an adventure of self development and self discovery and hopefully impart the same type of change to somebody, anybody I would eventually meet.

My Responsibility:

I am pleased to be partnered with AIESEC NEU (National Economics University). My job entails me to create conference content with themes central to interpersonal, soft and leadership skills.

I will also be working with interns from Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, and many more, so I am excited and pleasured to be working with people from all over the world.

My mind:

Why did I choose this specific internship?

One of my passions is equipping youth with tools to succeed. I originally come from Manila where the public education is not particularly up to standard. In my home not everyone is given the opportunity to learn and succeed. I believe that each and every person given the education and the right mindset can be a leader, can innovate and can be a winner.

My Expectation:

Fast forward 6 months and I’m here, typing this pre-landing reflection to see how I actually got here. I haven’t felt the complete excitement or the fear of going away yet, but I know it will hit me soon enough. I’m excited to learn and bring back a life changing story.

Cross-posted with permission from Christian Chan, Talent Management