"Being a responsible and passionate AIESEC member, 
I am determined to take actions, take initiatives, 
and take ownership of the   opportunities I am 
given, and devote whole-heartedly to AIESEC."

-Rainbow Xu,a first-year Commerce student and a 
member in AIESEC UBC Incoming Exchange portfolio.
National Congress 2015
National Congress 2015

Attending AIESEC National Congress (NC) was absolutely a great way to begin the new year of 2015. I have learned various lessons, met so many different people across Canada and internationally, and had a lot of fun working and dancing with them.

I would like to share my experiences about the NC 2015, not only what I had been through, but also what I gained from it and what impacted me the most from this congress, and how it changed the way I think about AIESEC conferences and AIESEC as a whole.

As a new member, I initially chose to attend the NC because I wanted to learn more AIESEC specific skills and knowledge, so that I could perform better and contribute more to my portfolio and LC (Local Commitee) upon my return.

In the beginning, I thought the NC was only a place where I could improve myself, however, as the NC proceeded, my perception of the NC started to change gradually.

First of all, I was fascinated by the roll call time where everyone would dance spontaneously despite the lack of sleep. In addition, I really appreciated the AIESEC organizational culture, team spirit, passion and the “work hard and play hard” attitude which I have never experienced before.

one of AIESEC's fun traditions
Roll Call-AIESEC’s dancing tradition

This is the selfie I took right before I left the venue to the airport, and I felt lost when I realized that I had to say goodbye to everyone at the NC.

Even the corporates, which also participated in the NC, had to admit that they were amazed by our AIESEC spirit, and told us that we were probably the only organization that they know of that has such an amazing dancing culture and enthusiastic team spirit!

I also gained more understanding about our AIESEC organizational culture through participating in different activities-for examples, workshops (team building, leadership development), sessions (AIESEC Globally, AIESEC for Canada), functional tracks (specifically ICX, which means Incoming Exchange), and simulations, which I will not go into too much details because words can not simply describe the excitement.

I finally realized how little myself was comparing to the whole LC; how little our LC was comparing to the AIESEC Canada, and how little AIESEC Canada was comparing to the AIESEC International. Yet I also realized that the entire AIESEC International would not be successful without any one of us. As AIESEC team members, no matter what role we play, our contribution and spirit are the fundamental components of AIESEC. We are the pillars of AIESEC.

I realized my responsibilities as a member of AIESEC are not simply for myself, my portfolio, my LC, but also for AIESEC as a whole. Everything that I do in AIESEC is not only for benefiting my personal development but also for developing AIESEC, from which I also found out my ambition to make AIESEC culture/spirit well-known, and be appreciated by the rest of the world. Being a responsible and passionate AIESEC member, I am determined to take actions, take initiatives, and take ownership of the opportunities I am given, and devote whole-heartedly to AIESEC.

I have shared my AIESEC ambition, and my first step to achieve that is to take ownership, now I would like to ask you the same question that we were asked at the NC:

What are your AIESEC goals/ambitions for 2015, and what are the bottlenecks that may prevent us from accomplishing those goals/ambitions?

Finally, I would love to share with all of you a quote that I was most impressed by from the NC:

“Don’t let fear make us afraid!”

Don't let fear make us afraid!

Thank you for all the EB (Executive Board) members and Madeline, who have been so supportive and inclusive to me during the NC! Also, thank you so much my AIESEC family, and may I wish us all make the most out of our 2015!