There is power in creating lasting memories. I went to Vietnam in the summer of 2014 expecting to plan, host and facilitate conferences and workshops, but I ended up gaining an education on what life really meant. A lot of my friends right now are confused about they want to do or haven’t really thought about what they like and are good at. When i went on exchange with AIESEC I was able to take the time to get lost, be scared and STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. The later was mentioned on my whole way in the process of matching to the internship but I never knew what it meant. What it means is to take a chance on people, on circumstances and on yourself. I admit there were times I was worried and confused, but those are the situations I now cherish because I was able to learn so much from that. I always thought creating an impact was a cliche for these type of volunteer positions, but I was dead wrong. A month into the position I was approached by my delegates saying things like: you inspired me, you taught me something I would never forget, you changed my life and you are my goal for the future. Honestly, that was the point where I didn’t see the need to get compensated. The chance to change someone’s life does not come very often and this internship allowed me to do just that. I was able to change 50 people lives. Although it may not have completely, as a first year I can say that my summer was used to adding value to other, but exponentially changing my life. 

The magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone. Do it.